Five Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay in Chelmsford

There’s nothing worse than trying to concentrate at work when you’ve got toothache or missing out on exciting weekend plans because your tooth is throbbing and you feel unwell. Tooth decay can make life a misery, so here are 5 ways you can help to keep it at bay.

  1. Brush: this is the simplest yet most effective means of preventing tooth decay. Decay occurs as a result of the presence of harmful oral bacteria, which join forces with food debris and saliva to form plaque. The best way to prevent plaque from forming is to brush the teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes each time. Set a timer if you’re worried that you’re not brushing for long enough.
  2. Floss or use inter-dental brushes: brushing your teeth only covers a portion of the mouth, so optimise your cleaning power by targeting those hard to reach places with inter-dental brushes or dental floss. This will help to reduce the risk of plaque formation.
  3. Book a dental check: if you haven’t been to the dentist in the last 6-9 months, now is the time to make a call and schedule a routine check. Even if everything looks and feels fine, it can be tough to spot the signs of decay and your dentist will be able to detect any potential problems.
  4. Stay off the sugar: sugar is a major problem for your teeth and excessive sugar consumption is one of the leading causes of dental decay. Most of us enjoy a sweet treat from time to time, but keep an eye on how much sugar you consume.
  5. Take care with acids: acidic foods and drinks weaken and wear away the enamel, leaving you susceptible to cavities and sensitivity. If you are drinking something acidic, like fruit juice, dilute it and use a straw.

Three Ways to Brighten Your Teeth During the Holidays

The summer holidays are finally here! After what seems like months of waiting for blue skies and sunshine, now is the time to show off your beautiful smile. If you’re keen to brighten your pearly whites this summer, here are 3 ways of getting a radiant smile:

  1. Take a trip to the dental clinic: if you haven’t seen your dentist or a dental hygienist in a while, why not give us a call and book an appointment? Dental hygienists use powerful cleaning treatments to remove plaque and shift surface stains, giving your teeth a healthy glow.
  2. Tooth whitening: tooth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dental treatment, which is used to lighten the shade of the teeth. We are proud to offer Enlighten whitening, the world’s leading professional whitening therapy. Enlighten treatment takes a total of 15 days, 14 of which involve treatment at home. The process is very simple. All you have to do is wear a whitening tray at home for a period of time for 14 consecutive days. This is followed by a 1-hour power whitening session provided by your Advance Dental dentist. There’s no pain involved and you can expect a stunning white smile in just 2 weeks!
  3. Teeth cleaning: brushing your teeth is not just important for removing plaque and bacteria. It’s also an effective way of polishing the tooth surface and preventing staining. If you don’t already devote 2 minutes of your mornings and evenings to cleaning your teeth, now is the time to start.

If you long for bright, white teeth, call us today for advice about cleaning or to book a dental hygiene session or tooth whitening consultation.

Five Ways to Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very common problem that can cause you to feel self-conscious, especially in public. If bad breath is getting you down, here are 5 ways you can put the problem to bed:

  1. Chewing sugar-free gum: chewing sugar-free gum helps to stimulate saliva production and freshen the breath after eating.
  2. Keeping a food diary: it’s very common to experience bad breath after eating certain foods. If you find that you’re prone to bad breath, keep a food dairy so that you can identify triggers. If you know that certain foods give you bad breath, you can avoid them in the future.
  3. Brush up on dental hygiene: the vast majority of cases of bad breath are caused by a lack of attention to brushing and flossing. Bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth, which produce odorous gases when they feed. Brush for 2 minutes every morning and evening and use inter-dental brushes or dental floss to clean between the teeth.
  4. Clean your tongue: many cases of bad breath are linked to bacteria lingering on the tongue. When these bacteria feed, they give off gases, which have an unpleasant smell.
  5. Book a dental hygiene session: dental hygienists are experts in dental hygiene and they can provide much more intensive cleaning treatments than brushing at home. Your dental hygienist will target areas of plaque and tartar and give your mouth a really good clean, leaving it feeling lovely and fresh. It’s also important to keep up to date with regular routine checks.

What Advance Dental Clinic Can Do To Stop Periodontitis in Chelmsford

At Advance Dental, your dental health is our priority and we’re always eager to promote the message that prevention is better than cure whenever possible. Gum disease is a common oral disease, but it is preventable. If you have early signs of gum disease or you’re hoping to steer clear of sore and swollen gums, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the ways Advance Dental Clinic stops periodontitis in its tracks.

About gum disease

Gum disease is the most common cause of adult tooth loss in the UK even though it’s almost always preventable. Gum disease is caused by harmful bacteria, which combine with saliva and food debris to form plaque. Plaque is a sticky substance that clings to the gum line and the tooth enamel. The bacteria in plaque release acids when they feed and these acids irritate the gums, causing them to become swollen. In the early stages, mild gum disease (known as gingivitis) is relatively easy to manage. However, it can quickly become more advanced if it is left untreated. Periodontitis or periodontal disease causes permanent damage to the bone structure, which supports the teeth.

If you notice signs such as swelling in the gums, bleeding when you brush or painful gums, see your dentist as soon as possible.

Treating gum disease

If you have gingivitis, it’s often possible to treat this form of gum disease with good oral hygiene and dental cleaning treatments. Periodontitis is more difficult to treat and treatment usually involves a series of sessions, which are designed to clean the gums and try and prevent the infection from getting any more serious.

If you’re worried about gum disease or you’d like to find out more about teeth cleaning, healthy eating or dental hygiene services, why not give us a ring today?

Refresh Your Face: Botox vs Dermal Fillers

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you had a magic wand to wave lines and wrinkles away? We can’t carry out magic spells at Advance Dental, but we do have incredible facial rejuvenation treatments on offer. If you dream of wrinkle-free, youthful skin, let us treat you to a refreshing, reinvigorating treatment. We offer Botox and dermal fillers and with our experienced aesthetic practitioner, Monica, you can rest assured that you’re in the safest hands.

Botox vs dermal fillers: what are the differences?

Botox and dermal fillers are non-invasive facial treatments, which are designed to reduce the visibility of ageing signs such as wrinkles, folds and lines. Although the treatment process is similar, the way the therapies work is different.

Botox is a purified form of botulinum toxin type A, which is injected into areas of the skin to soften the appearance of lines. Botox smoothes the skin by causing the facial muscles to relax. It does this by blocking nerve signals to the muscles. When the muscles relax, you get a smoother, line-free complexion. It’s common to have Botox treatment on the forehead, around the eyes and by the nose and mouth. This is an effective treatment for common symptoms such as crow’s feet and frown lines. Botox treatment is very straightforward and it simply involves having a series of injections into carefully selected areas of the face. We use a very fine needle to minimise discomfort and Monica controls the amount of fluid very carefully to ensure a natural finish. Treatment usually takes around 15-30 minutes and the effects should become visible after 24-48 hours. Treatment lasts up 6 months.

Dermal fillers do not work in the same way as Botox, but they are also an effective solution for lines and wrinkles. Rather than blocking signals to the muscles, dermal fillers add volume to the skin, compensating for decreased levels of collagen and elastin. Fillers soften wrinkles, but they also enhance your best facial features and we can use them to add definition to your cheekbones and also to create fuller lips. Like Botox, filler treatment is temporary, with results lasting up to 9 months. Treatment usually takes around 20-30 minutes.

If you’re keen to find out more about fabulous facial rejuvenation at Advance Dental, call and book an appointment today!

Invisible Teeth Straightening With Invisalign

Have you always wanted straight teeth, but been put off having treatment by the prospect of having to wear braces? In years gone by, braces were highly visible, but today, we have some incredible invisible options available. If you were worried about how you would look or what people would think, you don’t need to delay treatment any further. With Invisalign, nobody will even know that you’re wearing braces.

What is Invisalign and how does it work?

Invisalign is a discreet orthodontic system, which offers an alternative to fixed braces. This treatment uses a series of custom-designed clear, removable aligners to guide the teeth into position and align the smile. Each patient is presented with a set of bespoke aligners, which are made based on an individual treatment plan that plots the movement of the teeth. When you start treatment you’ll wear the first aligner for 2 weeks, and then continue with the sequence, replacing each appliance after a fortnight. The aligners are designed to be removed when you eat, drink and brush your teeth, but it is important that you wear them for at least 21 hours per day for the best results.

The pros and cons of Invisalign

The pros:

  • Invisible aesthetics: as the aligners are made entirely from clear plastic, they are undetectable when you smile
  • Convenience: you can remove your Invisalign aligners, which means that you can carry on with life as normal
  • Better dental health: you can continue to brush as normal and there’s no risk of getting food or bacteria trapped in your braces
  • Comfort: Invisalign aligners use gentle forces to move the teeth and they don’t contain any metal parts

The cons:

  • Versatility: Invisalign aligners may not be the best option for every patient. They tend to be recommended for patients with minor or moderate issues
  • Cost: Invisalign is one of the more expensive treatments on the market

If you’d like to find out more about Invisalign, or you’re eager to see if you’re a good candidate for treatment, why not get in touch and arrange a consultation?

How Advance Dental Clinic Can Provide Fillings that Look like Natural Teeth

If you need a filling, it doesn’t have to detract from the beauty of your smile. At Advance Dental Clinic, we can provide fillings that blend in perfectly with your natural teeth.

About fillings

If you have a cavity, a hole in the tooth, you may be advised to have a filling. Fillings are designed to fill cavities and they help to protect the tooth. By filling the hole, the risk of bacteria spreading to other parts of the tooth is reduced, and the structure of the tooth will become stronger. There are various choices when it comes to materials used for fillings. In years gone by, mercury amalgam fillings were a popular choice, but today, white fillings, are much more commonplace.

White fillings are made from dental composite, which is combined with resins. Composite is available in a range of tooth-coloured shades, so it is possible to find a colour that matches your natural tooth shade almost exactly. When you have a white filling, it’s impossible to spot the filling when you smile. White fillings are also safe than amalgam fillings and they are better for the environment.

Does having a filling hurt?

If you need a filling, you may be apprehensive about having treatment, but don’t worry. Before the tooth is filled, your dentist will numb the tooth, so you won’t feel any pain. Once the tooth is nub, your dentist will remove decayed tissue from the cavity before adding bonding material and pouring the composite in. When the filling material is in place, it will be set using a curing light and when it’s hard, your dentist will trim it to fit the cavity perfectly. The procedure doesn’t last long and you shouldn’t experience any pain at all.

Lumineers: Tooth Like Strength but as Thin as a Contact Lens

If you’re looking for a dental treatment that offers style as well as substance, you’ll have to go far to beat Lumineers. These ultra-thin veneers may look fragile, but they’re actually incredibly strong. If you dream of a flawless smile that will last for years to come, Lumineers could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

What exactly are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a type of veneer, which are applied to the surface of the teeth to create a stunning new smile. Lumineers are famed for their strength and durability, but they’re also incredibly thin, which means that you don’t have to undergo rigorous preparatory treatment to make room for the veneers. Lumineers are not made from porcelain like most other veneers. They are fabricated using a patented ceramic, which has been developed by Cerinate. This material offers amazing aesthetics, as well as longevity.

What’s so special about Lumineers?

Lumineers are very light and fragile and they are only as thin as contact lenses; however, they’re also very strong. This means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a great looking smile, which will also stand the test of time. As Lumineers are so thin, this also makes the treatment process easier and quicker, as minimal preparation is needed. With other veneers, a fine layer of the tooth surface has to be removed to make space for the new veneers. Lumineers are renowned for creating beautiful, natural results, and they can be used to address a number of imperfections, including chips and worn edges and spaces between the teeth.

How are Lumineers fitted?

Fitting Lumineers is simple and pain-free. Before treatment, we will plan your new smile with you and your bespoke veneers will be created by highly skilled dental technicians. When your Lumineers are ready, your dentist will prepare the tooth surface and the veneers will be bonded onto your natural teeth.

Five Tooth Brushing Tips To Keep Your Teeth Gleaming

Most of us want to enjoy a gleaming, glossy smile for as long as possible. If you’re keen to make your smile shine this summer, here are 5 brilliant brushing tips:

  1. Be gentle: brushing hard may seem like the best thing to do to get a good clean and polish, but if you brush aggressively, you can actually do harm than good. Brush gently to protect your enamel.
  2. Use a timer: it’s really important to do a thorough job when you brush, so set a timer or buy a brush with a timer to make sure you’re brushing for at least 2 minutes each time.
  3. Swap your brush every 3-4 months: if you’re brushing with a brush that has worn down bristles, you’re not going to achieve the same level of intensity as you would with a new brush. Swap the brush or the brush head every 3-4 months.
  4. Angle the head of the brush: when you’re cleaning your teeth, angle the brush head to enable you to clean along the gum line. This will ensure that you can clean the entire tooth.
  5. Clean between your teeth: the tiny cracks and gaps between your teeth can easily trap food and bacteria, so clean these areas with inter-dental brushes or dental floss.

Broken Tooth? How Advance Dental Clinic Can Help You in Chelmsford

If you’ve got a broken tooth, we can provide rapid relief. Thanks to Cerec we are able to offer same-day restorative treatment, so if you need a new crown fast, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Cerec?

Cerec is an innovative form of dental technology, which eliminates the need for patients to wait around for new restorations. If you’ve broken your tooth and you need a new crown, you may have to wait up to 2-3 weeks to get a permanent crown. With Cerec, a crown can be fitted in just one day. Traditionally, impressions of the tooth are created and sent away to a laboratory, a temporary restoration is fitted and then the new bespoke crown is placed around 2 weeks later. With Cerec, we can complete every stage of the process on-site in just one day.

Instead of using putty moulds to create a template for the new crown, we take pictures of the tooth, which Cerec technology then converts into 3D models. These models are sent to the on-site milling machine, which is responsible for fabricating the new crown. After minutes, the customised crown will be ready to fit.

If you’ve got a broken tooth, call us and we will see you as quickly as possible. If the tooth is damaged, it will be vulnerable to further injury, and we can repair and strengthen it.

If you’d like to know more about Cerec and how it could benefit you, we’ll be happy to answer any questions. Just give us a call or pop in and see us if you’re passing.